Caring for Our Neighbors

  • Everyday people are forced to make decisions, but whether or not to see a doctor instead of buying food should not be a choice that anyone has to face. Donations to the "Caring for Our Neighbors" program help to ensure patients are able to receive healthcare services they need to stay healthy. This program also focuses on educating young adults in our community on skills they will need to succeed in their future.

    We care for over 100,000 individuals each year at The Primary Health Network, many of whom cannot afford to pay. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, high quality health care for everyone. Our staff and facilities create an environment that lets our patients know we value and respect them.

    Donations to the “Caring for Our Neighbors” program help to ensure high quality medical, specialty, dental and behavioral health services and maintenance medications for patients who are not in a position to pay. It would be hard to imagine what would happen to them if we were not here, and we are grateful to our donors and grantors who help us care for our neighbors.