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Where are They Now?



The Primary Health Foundation makes it a point to keep in touch with our past scholarship recipients to see where they are in their educational journey. Chloe Cosgrove a 2020 and 2021 scholarship recipient, is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. This semester, Chloe is taking a microbiology course and found a great passion for it. She is considering switching from a biological science major to a microbiology major. She states as far as education, she has become even more passionate about the health care field and science as she has embarked on more upper-level science and major courses. She remains committed to attending medical school and pursuing a career in dermatology.

“The amount of gratitude and thanks I have for Primary Health Network Charitable Foundation is immense. With the assistance of your generous monetary scholarship, I have had the opportunity to pursue my goals and flourish as an undergraduate student. I hope to one day repay the favor through healthcare to those in need, giving back to communities that desperately lack assistance and affordability. Through your support, I will be able to strive for these aspirations.”-Chloe Cosgrove