• PHNCF Healthcare Scholarships

    We believe that we must invest in our own future - the future of health care. We must ensure that there will always be well-trained doctors, nurses, technicians and other health care professionals to provide the highest quality of care in our health centers. To support this belief, every year PHNCF provides $30,000 in academic awards to students pursuing a career in the healthcare or allied health fields. Since 2005, over $200,000 has been awarded. Recipients have gone on to pursue careers as doctors, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and more.

    Students are only permitted one application submittal per year and can be either college-bound or currently enrolled at a public college, private college, or vocational school. To apply, please follow the scholarship application directions below. Please contact us at 724-981-2875 if you have any questions regarding the application.

    Scholarship recipients will be chosen by PHNCF’s Scholarship Committee and will be notified no later than May 2019. A check, made payable to the student and educational institution, will then be mailed to the educational institution.

    Please read and make sure you understand the rules and requirements (see below) before applying.

    Healthcare Scholarship FAQs

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    Q: Is this scholarship limited to the counties serviced by the Primary Health Network?
    A: Yes. Please see county list below or click on the link to see if your county is included: PHN County Map

    Eligible Counties:

    Armstrong County
    Ashtabula County (OH)
    Beaver County
    Blair County
    Butler County
    Cambria County
    Centre County
    Clarion County
    Clearfield County
    Columbia County
    Crawford County
    Erie County
    Forest County
    Huntingdon County
    Indiana County
    Jefferson County
    Juniata County
    Lawrence County
    Mercer County
    Mifflin County
    Montour County
    Northumberland County
    Schuylkill County
    Snyder County
    Trumbull County (OH)
    Union County
    Venango County
    Warren County
    Westmoreland County

    Q: Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
    A: This year, your one application submittal will automatically qualify you for both the PHN Health Professionals and the PHN Charitable Foundation Scholarships. You may also be eligible for the PHN/PHNCF Employee Family and American Dream Scholarships, make sure you read their specific elgibility requirements below to see if they pertain to you.

    Q: Do I have to be enrolled in a 4 year college and pursuing a career as a doctor or nurse?
    A: You are eligible as long as you are applying your education to a future career in healthcare or a healthcare-focused field.

    Q: Do my transcripts have to be official?
    A: Unofficial transcripts will do; but they have to be postmarked/faxed by the scholarship due date.

    Scholarship Due Date:
    March 9th, 2019

    Q: Can I email my transcripts?
    A: Due to security reasons this is not allowed but you can mail or fax them.

    Mailing Address:
    The Primary Health Network Charitable Foundation
    Attn: Cheryl Goldstone
    P.O. Box 716
    Sharon, PA 16146
    Please provide your Scholarship Submittal ID Number.

    Fax Number:
    (724) 981-2815
    Please provide a cover with Attention to: Scholarship Program and your Scholarship ID Number.

    Q: Can I apply for the PHNCF Healthcare Scholarship next year if I already applied for it this year?
    A: Certainly! Not only can you apply multiple years but we encourage you to do so even if you've been a past recipient.

    Q: Can I apply if I am a PHN/PHNCF employee?
    A: No, but an immediate member of your family can. The Primary Health Network offers educational reimbursements to its employees so continuing education is definitely encouraged!

    Q: What if I have any other questions?
    A: Feel free to contact us at the following phone number or email with any other questions you may have:

    Application Requirements

    • Submit an essay, a minimum of 600 words, describing how your pursuit in a chosen field of study in an education program or college aligns with the mission, values, programs, and care the Primary Health Network/Primary Health Network Charitable Foundation provides for the communities they serve.
    • Applicants will be disqualified if any personal details (name, address, phone number, etc.) are listed within essay.
    • G.P.A. of 3.0 or Higher (must provide transcripts)
    • Must be pursuing a degree/certificate in an Administrative/Clinical Healthcare or Healthcare-focused field.
    • Must reside in one of the counties Primary Health Network serves (see Eligible Counties list above).
    • Health Professional Scholarship finalists must be able to sit for an interview in front of our Scholarship Committee at the PHNCF Board Room in Sharon, PA.
    • All Scholarship Awards Receipients must be able to attend the Awards Ceremony on June 1st 2019.

    Application Eligibility

    PHN Health Professionals Scholarship

    1 Scholarship at $5,000

    1 Scholarship at $2,000


    • All applicants, see requirements above

    PHN/PHNCF Employee Family Scholarship

    6 Scholarships at $2,000 each


    • Applicant must be a child, step-child, or spouse of a current PHN/PHNCF employee or board member in good standing in order to be eligible for this scholarship.

    PHN Charitable Foundation Scholarship

    3 Scholarships at $2,000 each


    • All applicants, see requirements above

    American Dream Scholarship

    1 Scholarship at $5,000


    • Include in your essay an extreme obstacle you have faced, how you have overcome it, and how this obstacle has pushed you to pursue your education.